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At first I was deciding to get a loan and then a place I knew turned me down. Thank you for everything. I was offer a loan in a text message and since my credit is bad. Learn more about ConsumerAffairs for Brands. I call the number, I notice the heavy accent. Why in the world does these companies think folks have money to send them for a loan. I would recommend it to anyone who needs cash fast.

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Apply for an online loan in just minutes, and if approved get cash the next business day. We offer payday loans, installment loans and lines of credit. CashNetUSA now owns this website. Please continue to our home page for all of your online loan needs.. Visit CashNetUSA. Cashnet Payday - Payday Loan Collection Scam. Date Posted: Tuesday, November 24, Cash Net USA/Cash Net USA, Inc. Payday Services; Cash USA, Inc. In the collection scam, an individual who claimed to be “Officer Nishant Sharma” contacted a consumer via email. Officer Sharma claimed that he was attempting to collect a payday loan debt.

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But I continue talking. They knew so much about me phone number, social security, bank routing and checking account.

I immediately took the money out of my account. He calls me 1 hour later and demands my online banking user name!!! I told him I don't have one. So he demands my bank card number!!! I said "No way I would not give you that ever. I just received an email stating that I took out a loan for Asked them what the account number was and if I could have a copy of the agreement and they said no that this was going to court.

I asked for the case number. They gave me a fake number. Cash Advance America called me up and said I was approved for a loan. I gave them all the information and to get to the point they deposited counterfeit check into my account and the bank closed my Account. Now what can I do? Got a call today, , and answered to hear that I was preapproved for a thousand dollars loan, and just call them back at same phone number.

I called back, they answered Cash Advance. I asked "Do you have a web site? If their site is not professional, then neither are they! I even look for typos. Well, the guy just hung up on me. So I started researching yes, I can use a grand or two this month , and found all of these reviews. Thanks to all of you for sharing. They are, as I suspected, scammers. I feel bad for people who gave them money, or got bankrupted by them. And folks, just know, they can call from anywhere in the world and make it look like they are inside the USA with bogus numbers.

It's why they are so cocky and seem fearless. Our money could be supporting more than just criminal phone calls. So I ask them to send the account number and when this was done no response. I have even ask for their phone number.

All they keep saying is this is the final notice and how am I willing to settle. OKAY so I can't have your number.

They claim to be taking legal action. I never heard of them and I have no idea who these people are. There is also no phone number on the email.

I'm positive this is a scam and I think they are probably another out of the country scamming outfit. Today I received an email stating I owe them money and as of today it was turned over to the courts. You cannot get in touch with them in order to figure out if it's a scam or what.

I had received automated calls from this company days in a row. I wanted to consolidate my credit cards. I decided to call back but every time I called, I would get a recording that the person I was trying to reach was not able to receive calls and to try later. Right then and there I thought The following week, I received another call, I too, spoke with a woman with a very thick accent not to mention there was so much noise in the background, it was even more harder to hear her.

Do I really look like boo boo the clown. What legitimate company will ask for that info. When I asked her why she needed that info, she replied, they need to access the account to make sure it's my account.

I told her she is a liar, accessing my account does not prove that it's my account. I then told her to remove my number from their calling list. She said they would but lo and behold, I received another automated call again today.

People are trying to get loans to consolidate or whatever. Why in the world does these companies think folks have money to send them for a loan. Never took out a loan from any of these institutions. But I like messing with them when I do get them.

Easiest way to figure out it is a scam, promptly ask them, "How can I send you the money so I can clear my name today? I then ask them again, "How can I send the money right now to take advantage of this great settlement amount?

I was desperate money. I had applied for a short term loan. They called and asked me what I wanted. I was like ok. I went to my bank and there was no deposit from anyone except for my wife's check. They emailed me saying that they're going to make it so I can't get a job.

My account will be frozen etc. I contacted the FBI and sent them the email I received from them. So if they are reading this and I hope they are but the FBI is coming. I do not owe these people. They go to class reunion. CashNetUSA has had their name used in a scam operation and most of the negative reviews and feedback are regarding that fraudulent activity. Potential customers should be aware that their rates and terms will vary according to their location and situation, and should plan on reviewing the terms of the loan very carefully.

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Your trust is our top priority, so we check all reviews for accuracy and relevance. Additionally, we do not allow companies to alter or remove reviews. Got a great loan in a pinch. Rate was lower than expected with an easy payoff. Hello I apply for loan through CashNetUSA and I was approved so yesterday I paid off the loan and try to reapply and I was denied how that when two weeks ago they approved me for a loan.

So I and this nice lady was like they use a third party company now she ho also had the wrong information. So here's a honest, straight forward, no BS review. NO I'm not a robot or paid to review.

I'm typing this review because of the amount of cry baby customers in these reviews I'm reading. Let me tell you something so before you apply, you have a clue. Your credit sucks and you can't get a credit card B. You have no credit and you need cash now C.

You're a horrible spender when it comes to money. Instead of applying for a quick loan and getting pissed off at the interest rates and fee's, get a secured card, make a deposit and build your credit Back up then guess what? You get a beautiful credit Card with beautiful interest and amazing no fee conditions because the bank see's you as a financially responsible person!

BUT some of you who are complaining about this loan company that yes! They have high fee's, they require strict rules because the people that are Applying? They already KNOW your credit is bad. They already KNOW you suck at spending money. If it bothers you so much, stop complaining and go get your score fixed up to get a pretty nice American Express card.

Until you do that? Until you show the corporate banks you can handle money, You will be on a tight leash. That being said, I personally love this loan company.

Yeah my credit sucks ass, do I complain? AND I pay it off quickly to avoid any fee's. Hence, being financially responsible. If you can handle that, you can apply and have a great experience.

If not, stop crying and go fix your credit first. My association with this company has been a lukewarm one. The most recent incident that has turned me off was a chat to a customer service rep. I tried various browsers and I tried again at work because sometimes I can access the site better at work.

I don't know why. You need to consider the costs and benefits before applying for USA payday loans. These short-term loans can help you to raise cash quickly to deal with emergencies or unexpected bills. Does it make sense to apply for a cash advance? This article will help you to decide.

If your finances are in poor shape, think carefully about whether you can afford to take another loan. Can you pay it back on time from your monthly budget? Seek advice from someone you trust before you decide to take a short-term loan. These loans are also known as cash advances or check loans. You may have to allow the lender to access your checking account or provide a check for the entire balance amount in advance.

This will give the lender the option of recovering the loan on the due date. The lender may provide the loan amount in the form of cash, a check or an electronic transfer to your checking account. The funds may also be loaded onto a pre-paid debit card. The loan is usually meant to be paid back in one lump sum payment but rollovers or renewals or interest-only payments are not uncommon.