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I dont have a bank account. Kenwood Services is trying to defraud me of money and slander my name and credit report. Share it by adding a review! I never took out a loan with them and what they are doing are purely illegal tactics. She said the same thing. They had two of the best ladies working for them a….

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Payday Loans in San Diego, CA. See business rating, customer reviews, contact information and more. Home > California > San Diego > Payday Loans > Kenwood Services LLCEmployees: 1. Kenwood Payday Loans Complaint Review: Kenwood Payday Loans I have no experience with this company except they keep calling and threating litagation for the past several months if I dont pay a settlement amount. Kenwood services allege i received funds in the form of a payday loan deposited into my checking account on October 26, The fact is NOTHING was deposited or cashed in my bank account on October 26, , prior to that date, after that date or ever for that matter.

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